New Orleans Son, screenplay by Deb George



Screenplay by Deborah Sue George. NEW ORLEANS SON captures the tragic life of Pulitzer Prize winning novelist, John Kennedy Toole, author of A Confederacy of Dunces. Set in the eccentric culture of New Orleans, the dark, bizarre, albeit amazing, life of Ken Toole is revealed.

Erudite professor by day and back-street blues devotee at night Ken attempts to extricate himself from the clutches of his overbearing, fascinating and irritatingly brilliant mother. Ultimately, Ken believes his only escape to freedom is to take his own life. Ken's death sends his grief stricken mother on a crusade to get his novel published. Her persistent efforts pay off when A Confederacy of Dunces wins the Pulitzer.

Into the River, screenplay by Deborah George


Screenplay by Deborah Sue George. Based on the life of Navajo visionary artist, David Chethlahe Paladin. His mother, a full blood Navajo, his father, a Roman Catholic priest, half-breed Paladin was shunned by the red man and unaccepted by the whites. In an attempt to claim self-worth, Paladin, at age 14, is a runaway adventurer. He hitchhikes to San Francisco, tramps the South Seas on a Turkish ship,and joins the army (1942) where his shamanic abilities land him in the OSS.

On recon, he is captured inside Germany. A prisoner of war in Dachau, Paladin is forced to rely on the wisdom of his people and his education from the white man in order to survive. He realizes that his self-worth lies within himself, not on the acceptance of the red man or the white and discovers that he does belong.